Oleg Chrupalo Amazon Cocktail


Testosterone levels in a man drop after the age of 25, and to restore these levels – whatever the age – can be achieved by diet and exercise, to not only function as a stud in the bedroom, but in everyday way of life which a man should do.

Looking back to our ancestors this was not a problem, but in today’s society, it is alarmingly so.

A woman wants to melt in a man’s arms, and not pull away frustrated, and not satisfied, wondering what had gone wrong.

By adhering to the following recommendations is an essential start, but what is required is a special element – I call it a cocktail – which will make a man feel like a 25 year old again, and this exactly what a woman needs to achieve her desires and satisfy her lust, and repay her man in a special way – it is a 100% all natural cure – be virile forever.


Those extra kilos take a toll on your sex life, and being obese, you’re more likely to get high cholesterol levels and diabetes which lead to erection problems – keep a healthy weight.


ED is often linked to heart disease, so a heart-healthy diet would be good for your erections too.

Cut back on artery-clogging foods like full-fat diary, fried foods and red meat.

What is required is to drink Ginseng tea as well as Green tea?
Eat more fresh fruits, vegies, fish, salmon and whole grains, which will pay off in the bedroom.

When you buy a McDonalds hamburger, and leave it on a bench, in four years it will be just as fresh – imagine what toxins are in it – no insect will touch this hamburger, yet, we, as humans, eat it.


High blood pressure narrows your blood vessels, lessening blood flow through the body, and if less blood flows to your penis, you will find it not easy to get an erection.

You may have high blood pressure and not even know it.


When cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels, it causes them to narrow, which slows down your blood flow, and will make it tougher to get or keep an erection – medication or a change of your diet will help to eliminate this.


You might find yourself with ED if you don’t take care of your diabetes, as high blood sugar can damage the nerves and blood vessels in your penis. Check with your doctor about ways to get your diabetes in check.


You would have seen Yul Brunner’s add “Don’t Smoke”

Men who smoke are twice as likely to have erection problems, as men who don’t. Smoking hurts your sex life because it narrows your blood vessels, and ED medication may not work as well for men who smoke.

If you drink, keep it moderate, as drinking and sex are not always a great mix. More than a drink or two can dampen your libido, soften your erection, or make it difficult to have an orgasm.


Many recreational drugs can lead to erection trouble, as these drugs often slow down your central nervous system, and damage blood vessels.


It’s good for your sex life in many ways, as it helps your heart and blood vessels stay healthy. Your workout does not even have to be strenuous – even a 30 minute walk each day could drown your chance of having ED. – lifting weights will do wonders for bedroom activities.


If testosterone falls, it can affect your sex drive, and your ability to get an erection. A simple blood test can tell you if you have low testosterone.


You might not think pumping your body full of extra testosterone to build up muscles would hurt your erections, but it can, as that synthetic T turns off your body’s ability to make its own – so stay away from these risky drugs.


When you’re stressed out from work, relationship problems, your libido takes a hit – cut down your stress levels, and you’re see benefits in the bedroom.


There is a link between sleep disorder and ED, and when you get treated for sleep apnea, you will see improvements in your erection problems as well.

Cut out all blue light in all devices and sleep in complete darkness.


ED is a common side effect for many prescription drugs such as Diurietics, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, antihistamines. If you use any of these medications, and start to have erection problems, don’t stop taking them on your own – talk to your doctor about possible fixes.

The above information should be followed, but what is missing is a natural boost to ignite a man’s vitality like a rocket, as I want every man to experience this feeling of being a 25 year old again – it does not matter how old you are now – you will be amazed at the results.

My name is Ollie Chrupalo – I am on Face Book and have written many articles, especially on women, and have a blog on internet explaining what a man should do to keep his partner aroused 24/7.

I could say that I am a guinea pig for what I have experienced with, and finally have achieved the correct formula of how a man can keep himself virile all his life.

I could charge any amount for this information, but I am not going to, as I want men to feel the excitement of not only what I, but what our ancestors achieved.

I call it The Amazon Cocktail, and it only will cost you $30.00

You can turn back the clock, and never look back – it is a gift of life, not a normal smoothie drink prepared in a blender – that is not why you will be drinking it, it is a man’s Alpha drink – your bedroom results will show this.

It will take you some 15 minutes to prepare, and it will be worth it.

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