Diet, Excercise and Sleep


Age is not a barrier to the fountain of youth, as age is only a number on the wall, and longevity depends on 3 things:

Diet, Exercise, Sleep


Our grandfathers didn’t have the problems we experience these days – it was a diet our bodies developed – it was almost disease proof, and when we stray from natures’ design, disease happens.
We are practically destroying our bodies with junk food, sugars, hydrogenated oils, and toxic chemical additives.
Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease are not natural to the human body – these diseases were virtually unknown hundreds of years ago – they are diseases all derived from civilization.
Fortunately, the human body is highly resilient, and can cure itself if caught in time, and can be greatly eliminated with the correct diet.
How long this takes depends on many factors such as current health, the state of the disease, and genetics, an improvement is often seen in months and with a correct diet, we will live in perfect health.
To give an example – cancer cells die in the absence of sugar, as cancer cells strive on sugar – without it, they starve to death. Regardless of how nutritious a diet is, if it contains adequate sugars, the cancer cells will continue to grow and multiply.


Hip Flexors are most important in our body, and the Psoas muscle which is located between the spine and the sexual organ can have a tremendous impact on the sexual functions.
By sitting 8 hours a day, you are destroying this essential area, as these muscles affect the lower back, hips, groin, posture, and balance – not to mention the sexual organs.
Companies should install stand-up-desks, as these days you sit all day – drive home to eat – then sit again – what a disaster.
Hip flexor stretches are a must to be done each day, and if you have to sit all day – stand up every hour and stretch those muscles.
It is also important to perform strength-training for the upper body which weakens with age, and resistance training is a must to maintain muscle mass and strength.
An excellent exercise is a plank, as this engages all your muscles at the same time.


This is a forgotten part of our routine, as growth hormones and tissue repair occur during sleep – 7 to 8 hours is required in complete darkness – no blue light from the phone or computer should be visible.
Sleep cool on linen – naked – your bedroom should be only used to sleep and sex – nothing else – it is not a work station, and get into a routine each night.


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