Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage I am going to re-introduce this – free of charge – not as a stand-alone therapy – into my 2 hour massage sessions to get the benefit of both worlds,, as a massage is really a gift for women . There are many ways to perform a hot stone massage, and I…


Our society is obsessed with being beautiful, and places a high degree of importance on physical appearance.

Television, movies, magazines and billboards all display attractive people, as sex is a big seller in this.

We see men and women rushing to plastic surgeons, having different procedures performed simply to enhance their appearances.

A woman was created to be beautiful – her skin, hair and body was designed to be appealing, and attractive to men, especially her face.


Most men don’t understand that a woman’s mind has to be stimulated emotionally before anything else can happen
–her mind must be ready for sex.

Men don’t take their time with…