Foods during COVID-19 pandemic

  Coronavirus attacks the immune system, and you must be prepared to strengthen it, otherwise, this virus will most likely have you at its mercy. I will firstly explain which foods can prevent this virus from taking hold and make you miserable, and then ways to strengthen your immune system, which will follow this article….


Our society is obsessed with being beautiful, and places a high degree of importance on physical appearance.

Television, movies, magazines and billboards all display attractive people, as sex is a big seller in this.

We see men and women rushing to plastic surgeons, having different procedures performed simply to enhance their appearances.

A woman was created to be beautiful – her skin, hair and body was designed to be appealing, and attractive to men, especially her face.


Most men don’t understand that a woman’s mind has to be stimulated emotionally before anything else can happen
–her mind must be ready for sex.

Men don’t take their time with…